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All about Milan and Dragons

There you go, some photographs from last work in Milan, this incredible man is John Howe, book illustrator and conceptual artist for all Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movie franchise. He held a workshop Milan at Mimaster, Illustration School, 30 students, exceptionally happy to be in the same room along with him, me too.

After the drawing session where, dragons, trolls and elves have come to life, we spent the day strolling with Luca Valtorta from La Repubblica (here his article) inside Laboratorio Formentini, where John along with Valtorta attended the Conference about Middle Earth.

Pretty amazing and tough day, but i have to thanks Ivan Canu from Mimaster for making it happen. You can find other photographs on Mimaster Facebook Page.

To finish in style, and tastefully, some photos of the dinner which closed the day. Daniel Canzian's resaturant is amazing, a perfect window of his own kitchen.

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