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At the end of June

Finished work to the Biennale, i've been able to focus on other stuff, so here latest efforts, but this time, i'm not alone.

First thing first, with precious help of UNIPD PR office, i was able to follow H-HACK a sort of marathon, held by H-FARM Ventures, to create a new app for University.

My Chief Editor asked me to follow the entire night, yes, the marathon took place at night, but was funny, and the result even better.

After that, i followed this girl again, talented pianist LEONORA ARMELLINI, here in backstage moment.

Always for her, a spoiler of the last pictures taken, even if, for this one below, all the credit goes to Dean Lakic that, for sets and lights, is really the best.

What else? Some photos taken in the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice after the ART NIGHT, which probably will go along with those of others in a stock for the Academy.

The latest, a spoiler on what I will follow next month.

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